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Workers’ Compensation

Bowling Green Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Provides Strong Counsel

Experienced Kentucky advocate helps people hurt in job accidents

Kentucky was one of the earliest states to require workers’ compensation coverage to assist employees who are injured on the job. However, the system can be complex, and without a true understanding of your options, you might not secure the benefits you deserve. At Michael D. Lindsey, located in Bowling Green, I handle workers’ compensation claims for injured employees in all industries. With more than 25 years of experience, I can assess your situation quickly and press for full compensation, whether that requires action before the Department of Workers’ Claims or litigation.

Attorney battles to maximize payment for medical costs and lost wages

Even the smallest companies in Kentucky must provide for workers’ compensation benefits as long as they have one employee. In some instances, a dispute might arise as to whether an injured worker actually is an employee or an independent contractor who would not be covered. If you’ve been hurt or a family member has been killed at work, I’ll fight to get you reimbursement for:

  • Medical costs — Workers’ compensation coverage pays medical costs and related expenses, including the price of prescription medication, rehabilitation programs and travel needed to get to and from medical treatments. For clients with back and neck injuries, shoulder problems and other conditions that might cause long-term damage, I work to achieve resolutions that address potential current and future costs.
  • Lost wages — People who are unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness are entitled to two-thirds of their average weekly wages up to a maximum determined by state law. For injuries occurring in 2019, payments are capped at $868.47 per week. If your pay rate is inconsistent or your average wage is being challenged, I’ll work to prove your case.
  • Death benefits — After a fatal workplace incident, my firm handles death claims on behalf of surviving family members. A lump-sum payment is made to the estate that can cover funeral expenses and other items. Reimbursement is also available for some of the wages that the decedent would have earned. Payments can go to living spouses, minor children, college students younger than 22, and adult sons and daughters who were dependent on their parent(s) due to a disability.

My background in workers’ compensation and personal injury law gives clients an advantage as they deal with government red tape and businesses that don’t want to live up to their legal responsibilities. Starting with a free consultation, I’ll fight to maximize your benefits.

Proven firm assists individuals with permanent disability claims

Once you get to the point where your work-related medical condition will not improve anymore, you might still have a total or partial disability. If so, I can assess what type of permanent impairment rating you might be assigned based on the specific limitation involved. From there, you would be entitled to reimbursement based on the percentage of body function you have lost according to American Medical Association guidelines. Should you be completely unable to work, you would be eligible for permanent total disability and can have your wages replaced at a 100 percent rate up to the limit set by state law. These payments can last for many years depending on your age and any possible recovery.

Knowledgeable litigator handles appeals when benefits are denied

Companies and workers’ compensation carriers use various justifications to deny or reduce benefits to worthy claimants. Frequently, a victim will be accused of trying to pass off a pre-existing condition as a workplace injury or blame the accident on conduct that wasn’t work-related. My firm challenges adverse decisions in benefit review conferences in front of administrative law judges. If you don’t get the relief you seek, I can bring your case before the Workers’ Compensation Board. At every stage of your matter, I’ll keep you informed regarding the relevant legal standards and the evidence that might change the result.

Contact a proven Kentucky workers’ compensation lawyer for a free consultation

At Michael D. Lindsey, in Bowling Green, I handle all types of Kentucky workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured employees. For a free consultation, please call 270-282-4710 or contact me online.

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