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Insurance Negotiations

Kentucky Claims Negotiation Attorney Helps Seek Just Compensation

Skilled Bowling Green lawyer assists injured parties in insurance disputes

When you’ve suffered harm in an accident, recovering the benefits you deserve can be frustrating, especially when your claim is disputed by the insurance companies involved. Since 1992, the firm of Michael D. Lindsey in Bowling Green has been going head to head with insurers on behalf of injured clients, both in negotiations and in court. If you’ve been hurt at work, in a car accident, on someone else’s property or in another situation, I can fight to obtain the compensation you need to pay medical bills, make up for lost wages and handle other expenses stemming from your injuries.

Understanding insurance industry strategies and tactics

Whether you are dealing with your own carrier or making a third-party claim, insurance companies have it in their interest to pay out as little as possible to claimants. This puts anyone without an experienced lawyer at a disadvantage. When I represent you in the claims process, I bring to the table:

  • Familiarity with industry standards and formulas — I understand the formulas insurers rely on when calculating coverage and payouts. My ability to properly evaluate your claim enables me to make sure you aren’t accepting a lowball offer for settlement.
  • Strategic investigation and collection of evidence — I’m always prepared with a wide range of evidence and supporting documentation, including medical records, financial corroboration, reports of lost wages and, where appropriate, expert testimony.
  • Versatility with comparative negligence rules — Under Kentucky law, a victim’s compensation can be reduced according to the percentage by which they caused or contributed to an accident. Through my extensive experience, I am adept at determining whether insurers are unduly placing blame on the victim or incorrectly apportioning the amount of damages.

The insurance company is not looking out for your best interest, and I can be by your side as you face off against a hostile opponent.

Determined attorney ready to litigate if the need arises

A big part of being a successful negotiator is being prepared to go to trial. As a seasoned personal injury litigator, I can gauge the probability of success of a claim in court and can use that knowledge to leverage a favorable settlement, either before or after a lawsuit is filed.

I am fully familiar with the steps needed to protect your right to go to trial. The personal injury time limit for filing a claim in Kentucky is strict — only one year from the date the injury took place. Insurance companies may use delaying tactics to try to frustrate a victim’s claim, but I can make sure your claim is filed and negotiated in a timely manner so that insurers cannot put your legal case in jeopardy.

From the moment you retain my firm, I will be fully engaged in the investigation and processing of your claim with a view toward achieving the most optimal recovery possible.

Contact an experienced Bowling Green insurance claim negotiator

Negotiating with a powerful insurance company can be daunting without the help of a personal injury attorney familiar with the process. To set up your free initial consultation in Bowling Green, call Michael D. Lindsey at 270-282-4710 or contact me online.

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