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Strong Bowling Green Lawyer Pursues Relief for Injury Victims

Kentucky firm handles workers’ compensation and negligence claims

Everything changes when you’re hurt on the job or because of someone else’s carelessness. First, you must focus on your physical condition and steps that must be taken to recover. Soon afterward, you’re faced with medical costs and other injury-related expenses that could threaten your lifestyle and ability to take care of your family. This is when you need a tough, experienced lawyer to guide you through the system and fight for a maximum financial recovery. My firm, Michael D. Lindsey, in Bowling Green, stands up for Kentucky clients in matters relating to workers’ compensation actions, personal injury lawsuits and Social Security disability claims.

Accomplished attorney represents clients in Social Security disability cases

For more than 20 years, clients throughout the area have relied on my labor-friendly firm in difficult times and recommended it to people they know because I am:

  • Aggressive — Defendants, their lawyers and insurance companies are focused on reducing the amount they must pay to injured victims. Instead of accepting any offer, I come in with a deep understanding of my clients’ situations and how much is owed to them. My firm doesn’t back down no matter what tactics adversaries try.
  • Tested — In trials, administrative hearings and settlement negotiations, I have obtained exceptional results for people who have been hurt and their families. With a well-established reputation throughout southern Kentucky, I make sure that your claim is taken seriously.
  • Dedicated — Injuries and the effect they have on someone’s life are very personal. I work one-on-one with each client to develop a thorough understanding of the particular situation so I can provide knowledgeable, tailored advice.

Everyone is entitled to justice, and you should never be afraid to pursue the full amount you are owed after suffering an injury. I offer a free initial consultation to make things easy.

Tough litigator fights to maximize payment for plaintiffs and their families

My firm assists individuals in legal matters relating to:

  • Workers’ compensation — Employees who are injured while doing their jobs are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that cover medical costs and lost wages. I will answer all of your questions regarding the claims process and can handle complex actions relating to back and shoulder problems.
  • Personal injury — My firm advises Kentucky residents on a wide array of personal injury actions, including insurance claims arising from auto accidents and other instances of negligence.
  • Medical malpractice — In situations where doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers fall short of their professional obligations, I press to hold them responsible for their medical malpractice.
  • Social Security disability claims — If you’re unable to work for a period that you expect to last for at least 12 months, my firm can explain the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability benefits and prepare your claim or appeal.
  • Death benefit claims — After a fatal workplace incident or occupational disease, I assist surviving family members in their efforts to collect appropriate death benefits.
  • Sexual harassment claims — I provide dedicated representation to people seeking just compensation for having been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Whatever your particular case entails, strong counsel from a qualified attorney might be the difference between a frustrating result and the relief you need to move forward in your life.

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At Michael D. Lindsey, in Bowling Green, I represent Kentucky clients in workers’ compensation, personal injury and Social Security disability matters. Please call 270-282-4710 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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