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Medical Malpractice

Effective Kentucky Lawyer Litigates Medical Malpractice Cases

Bowling Green attorney represents people harmed by healthcare negligence

Doctors and other healthcare professionals have a legal and moral duty to treat patients according to professional standards. One mistake could cause significant harm, or might even be fatal. However, victims and their families often aren’t in a position to determine whether an error occurred. My name is Michael D. Lindsey, and I’m an accomplished Kentucky personal injury lawyer who represents clients in a full range of medical malpractice actions. From my office in Bowling Green, I take on doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical providers whose negligence has triggered or worsened an injury or illness.

Aggressive advocate handles claims arising from doctor and hospital errors

My firm handles a wide array of Kentucky medical malpractice lawsuits on behalf of Kentucky plaintiffs, including cases stemming from:

  • Surgical errors — Even during routine procedures, operating on a patient contains an element of risk. Surgeons, nurses and hospitals must maintain their focus and adherence to medical guidelines at every phase of the operation. If you’re aware of a harmful error that occurred during surgery or even suspect that something went wrong, I have the skills and resources to get to the bottom of what happened.
  • Prescription problems — Powerful pharmaceuticals have become part of our everyday lives, but mistakes regarding appropriateness, dosage or interaction with other drugs could be very dangerous. My firm pursues compensation when a patient is harmed due to carelessness related to prescriptions.
  • Missed diagnoses and misdiagnoses — Medicine is not an exact science, but when certain symptoms are present, doctors and nurses should order tests and other evaluative measures to see if a serious problem exists and then examine them carefully. Deadly consequences can result if serious disorders, including cancer, are not identified, or not identified early enough.

Like other personal injury claims in the state, medical malpractice actions must be filed within one year of the incident or the date the harm could have been reasonably discovered. You might have heard about the law requiring approval of malpractice claims by a medical review panel before a lawsuit can proceed, but that has been overturned by the Kentucky Supreme Court. In a free initial consultation, I will outline the relevant law and how it applies to your circumstances.

Dedicated firm seeks relief for families affected by birth injuries

The type of medical care provided before and during childbirth could alter a family forever. Oxygen loss or the improper use of forceps might trigger short- or long-term conditions such as broken bones or cerebral palsy. After this type of tragic incident, my firm uses obstetric expert testimony to identify where the problem originated. In court and settlement discussions, I prepare a detailed argument regarding the effects the birth injury will have on the entire family.

Accomplished legal adviser aids nursing home and elder abuse victims

So many people rely on nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other facilities to take care of elderly and disabled loved ones. Sadly, this trust is often violated and vulnerable residents are mistreated in many different ways. My firm takes aggressive action in cases of elder abuse and other types of misconduct committed by nursing homes and their workers. Whether the specific harm stems from neglect, malnutrition, poor hygiene, dehydration, improper safety measures or something else, I’ll investigate each charge thoroughly to help hold negligent caregivers and institutions accountable.

Contact a thorough Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer for a free initial consultation

At Michael D. Lindsey, in Bowling Green, I represent Kentucky victims of medical malpractice and their families as they seek relief against negligent doctors, nurses and hospitals. To schedule a free initial consultation regarding your situation, please call 270-282-4710 or contact me online.

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